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Single or multi-strand?

The choice is mainly determined by the application (e.g.. termination considerations and internal diameter of associated sheath). Generally, single strand wires are used for hot junctions, and multi-strand or thicker single strand for extensions of the thermocouple. The greater the effective conductor diameter, the lower the value of thermocouple loop resistance, an important consideration with long cable runs.

Thermowells are recommended whenever a temperature element is to be inserted into a process where corrosion, pressure, abrasion, or shear forces may threaten the life of the element. In addition thermowells allow for a defective instrument to be removed without shutting down or draining the process. Thermowells are among the simplest yet least well publicized accessories used in industrial temperature measurement applications. There are many variations of two basic kinds; low pressure and high pressure.

Data logging & data acquisition - The terms data logging and data acquisition are often used interchangeably. However, in a historical context they are quite different. A data logger is a data acquisition system, but a data acquisition system is not necessarily a data logger.

Data loggers typically have slower sample rates. A maximum sample rate of 1 Hz may be considered to be very fast for a data logger, yet very slow for a typical data acquisition system. Data loggers are implicitly stand-alone devices, while typical data acquisition system must

Absolute Barometric Pressure expressed in inches of Mercury (\"Hg), is not the same as what is reported on weather forecasts, which is Sea Level Corrected pressure. Absolute is the actual air pressure at elevation. Roughly every thousand feet of elevation reduces barometric pressure by one inch of mercury. Barometric pressure is caused by the gravitational pull on the \'column of air\' lying directly above the place you are measuring.

Temperature calibration provides a means of quantifying uncertainties in temperature measurement in order to optimise sensor and/or system accuracies. Uncertainties result from various factors including:

a) Sensor tolerances which are usually specified according to published standards and manufacturers specifications.

WEEE Statement

In an effort to improve waste management in the European Union, the European Union has enacted a Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Directive). Annex 1A and 1B,  Item 9 Monitoring and Control Instruments applies to products manufactured or supplied by ITS.

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