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FieldLogger is a versatile, powerful and yet cost effective data logger handling analog, digital and other types of variables with high resolution and speed. It is a high performance and high connectivity equipment and yet easy to configure and operate.
  • 8 universal analog input channels: - Thermocouples, V, mV, mA, Pt100 and Pt1000; - Reading and logging rates of up to 1000/second; - 24 bit A/D conversion resolution.
  • 8 digital I/Os (individually configured as input or output).
  • 2 relay outputs (NO, NC and common).
  • RS485 interface (Modbus master or slave). - When acting as a master, can read up to 64 registers from other slaves; - Registers read can be used in logging, alarms or mathematical operations.
  • Ethernet interface with a lot of services available: - Sends alarm warning e-mails (SMTP); - Provides web pages with channels and status information (HTTP); - Allows logged data download via FTP (client and server); - Accesses status and channels values through network management software (SNMP and traps); - Allows Modbus communication by Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP).
  • USB-device interface for configuring, monitoring and download.
  • USB-host interface for logged data retrieval through a USB flash drive.
  • Up to 32 configurable alarms. - Alarm actions can include: - Activating relays; - Activating digital outputs; - E-mails sending to multiple receivers; - Sending SNMP traps; - Starting and/or stopping loggings.
  • Up to 128 virtual channels. - Basic mathematical functions to be applied on other channels: sum, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic (AND, OR and exclusive OR), square root and power.
  • 24 Vdc output for powering up to eight 4-20 mA transmitters. - AC power (100 to 240 Vac); - DC Power (19 to 30 Vdc) optional (2011).
  • Detachable human-machine interface (optional). - Keypad and colour TFT QVGA display; - RS485 communication with FieldLogger.
  • Loggings: - Up to 100 channels can be logged at a configurable rate. - Data download through the configuration software or through the freely distributed download DLL.


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