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Temperature & Humidity

SEM161W/H - Wall Mount Humidity Transmitters: The SEM161 is a “smart” humidity transmitter sensor with a single or dual (SEM162)

SEM161R/162R - Remote Mount Humidity Transmitters: The SEM161/162 is a “smart” humidity transmitter sensor with a single or dual (SEM162)

Measurement instrument for relative humidity and temperature in rooms and ducts in HVAC plants. The combination of state-of-the-art sensor

The StatMaxx is a state-of-the-art hygro/thermostat for effective control applications for relative air humidity and air temperature.

The TempMaxx is a precision measurement instrument with integrated control functions for the detection of temperature with external resistor

The CIC-Touch display panel with color touch-screen has been designed for the flush mounting in walls, e.g. clean room walls. Various

The SEM160i is a low cost single/dual channel RH and temperature transmitter for industrial and BMS/HVAC applications. The unit can be supplied

Compact humidity and temperature sensor for use in extreme conditions

Humidity and Temperature Sensor, resistant to pressure up to 25 bar

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