Measuring Transducers

Measuring transducers serve to convert and isolate most different measuring signals of electric power engineering and signal engineering. The input variable is converted into a proportional output signal of e. g. 20 mA and/or 10 V. Also frequency outputs and pulse outputs are deliverable.




















  • Accuracy class  0,5
  • adjustable zero point and span from the front
  • calibrated double-outputs switchable from the front between 0-20mA/0-10V and 4-20mA/2-10V by the transducers for DC, true RMS and prozess variables
  • Frequency module (0-5Hz - 0-10kHz)
  • Relay module for limit monitoring
  • Testing voltage 4 kV between input, output and auxiliary voltage

Transducers available for AC/DC Voltage, Current, Power, Phase,     Frequency, Temperature, Resistance, Pressure/Force.