The CIC-Touch display panel with color touch-screen has been designed for the flush mounting in walls, e.g. clean room walls. Various interfaces allow an easy integration in existing networks as well as a direct connection to external environment sensors.

Cleanroom-Information-Center/CIC-Touch. Diplay panel with color touch-screen

This versatile external display unit allows an easy and efficient monitoring of climatic parameters in rooms by reading. The panel can be configured easily by the touch-screen. That way parameter units and room names can be defined and alarm levels and delays programmed. If a status changes by crossing the higher or lower alarm threshold, the backlight color changes and an acoustic signal is activated.


Range of use

The CIC-Touch display can be basically used everywhere a on-site indication and monitoring is required as for example in clean room walls, machines and apparatuses and can be installed without any screws just with a simple snap-in system.



  • Clean rooms in pharmaceutical- and semicon-industry
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, operation theaters
  • Laboratories, testing rooms, air locks
  • Climatic chambers, isolators, laminar-flow benches
  • Specific OEM solutions



3,5" TFT display

(70 x 52 mm)  

Overall dimensions


150 x 120 mm

(H2O2 resistant)  

4 x digital

4 x analogue


(0/4-20mA) (0-10V)

Outputs     2 x relay contacts (230V)  
Digital interfaces    




Power supply