The TempMaxx is a precision measurement instrument with integrated control functions for the detection of temperature with external resistor sensors. The large displays, intuitive menu structure as well as the possibility to connect various sensors make this device extremely versatile for almost all industrial applications


This instrument provides a scalable analogue output (U & I) as well as a relay switch output for 2 point control functions. The large LCDisplay indicates temperatures up to +400°C and °F. All versions of PT 100 / 1'000, Ni 1'000 or NTC elements can be connected in 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology.

 Range of use

Using the integrated adjustment function, the TempMaxx transducer can be adapted ideally to each external temperature sensor.



  • HVAC process-control and monitoring
  • Production processes in paper- & textile industry
  • Control of heeating coils
  • Archives, libraries, museums, storages
  • Appartuses, climatic chambers, controls
  • Storage systems, cooling rooms



Analogue OUT:: 1 x U and I
  0 or 2...10V DC
  0 or 4...20 mA DC
Digital OUT: 1 Relay-switch NO, NC


max. 260VAC / 2A (ohmic load)

Temperature measurement:

Sensor connection: 2-, 3-, or 4-wire
Sensor types:

PT 100 DIN 60751 / PT 1'000/Ni 1'000 / AA / A / B / 1/3B / C NTC type "Beta-Therm"