The StatMaxx is a state-of-the-art hygro/thermostat for effective control applications for relative air humidity and air temperature. The configuration is made by 3 front buttons and an intuitive menu structure directly on the device. The alarm and control function drive an integrated relay switch for turn on/off an heater or humidifier.








































StatMaxx S/R/M

Thanks to its design the StatMaxx can be easily mounted and put into operation. Last but not least the small dimensions and the big display assure an ideal positioning and a good readability of the actual values and messages displayed on the LCD.


The following 3 instrument versions are available:

S - room sensor version (probe fixed at the housing lid)

R - duct sensor version (probe on the back of the housing)

M - remote sensor version (probe with 3m cable length)


Range of use

The StatMaxx hygrostats can be used for 2-point controlling systems for humidity and temperature regulation. The used sensor technologies, the easy configuration possibilities and robust design make this device ideal for applications in HVAC processes.




  • HVAC process-control and monitoring (2-point control)
  • Production processes in paper- & textile industry
  • Control of humidifiers and heeating coils
  • Archives, libraries, museums, storages
  • Appartuses, climatic chambers, controls
  • OEM solutions (humidifiers/dehumidifiers)


Humidity measurement

CMOS-Sens, digital capacitive

Measuring range: 0...100%%rF
Reproducibility: +/-1.0%rF

+/-3.0%rF standard /

+/-1.5%rF calibrated




digitaler PN Uebergang auf Chip

Measuring range: -20...80°C
Reproducibility: +/-0.1K

+/-0.5K (10...30°C) / +/-0.8K (-20...80°C)