TagTemp-USB is a small portable electronic temperature logger. Its internal sensor measures local environment temperature and logs such values in an electronic memory. Logged data, or ACQUISITIONS, can be later viewed and analyzed on a PC where they can be opened in tabular and graph forms.






































Measure Range - Temperature: –20.0 °C to 70.0 °C.

Accuracy - ±0,5°C  @25°C. - ± 1 °C max. along the entire measured range.

Measurement Resolutions - Temperature: 0.1 °C.

Memory capacity: 32.000 (32 k) logs.

Measurement Interval - 5 seconds min. - 18 hours max.

Supply: 3.0 V lithium battery (CR2032), built-in Estimated autonomy - More than 400 days – Sampling rate of 1 minute. - More than 500 days – Sampling rate of 30 minutes.

Operating temperature - From -20 °C to 70 °C

Case: PC-ABS

Protection: up to IP67 degree of protection

Dimensions: 55 x 37,5 x 15 mm

Equipment -PC data transfer time - Proportional to the number of records. 20 seconds to 32,000 records

PC Interface: Micro-USB cable

LogChart ll software operation environment - Configurator software for Windows ® 8, 7 and XP - Menus in Portuguese, English or Spanish -

Sets up, reads and displays data on the screen.