HART Protocol
FlexTop 2221 is a 4...20 mA loop-powered, configurable universal transmitter with galvanic isolation between input and output. The input can be configured for RTD or T/C sensors, resistance, current or voltage signals. Either 2-, 3- or 4-wire connection can be selected for the resistance input. The built-in temperature sensor or a remote Pt100 sensor can be used to compensate for "cold junction" (CJC) if thermocouples are connected. The HART® communication feature on-line process calibration and adjustment, transmitter configuration and multiple process control in 2-wire networks. The configuration can be established from a standard HART® configurator or the dedicated Flex Programmer configuring tool connected to a PC. Flex Top 2221 is embedded in silicone which makes it resistant to humid environments. Flex Top 2221 has a 6 mm centre hole for fast sensor replacement and spring loaded mounting screws which ensure a safe fastening even in vibrating environments.
Complete with HART Protocol, the SEM310 universal temperature transmitter accepts Pt100, thermocouple, mV and slidewire sensors and can be integrated into systems where the HART protocol is required. The HART communication protocol allows the user to quickly and easily download information or interrogate the device. It is small in size yet has a performance superior to other larger and more expensive transmitters. A sensor referencing facility enables the transmitter to be accurately matched to a particular sensor.
The SEM315 is a DIN Rail temperature transmitter with HART Protocol. It accepts RTD, Thermocouple, mV and slidewire sensors. The SEM315 has full HART communications protocol which allows the user to quickly and easily down-load information or interrogate the device enabling the following:- Simple re-ranging of sensor type and range Easy on site re-calibration Self documentation Operation with proprietary software packages such as AMS Plant Web™ and Cornerstone™ Remote configuration on the (4 to 20) mA loop with a hand held communicator or with a PC & HART modem Online Digital communication concurrent with a (4 to 20) mA Analogue signal. All the standard HART universal and common usage commands are fully implemented, with other device specific commands that enable access to the enhanced performance parameters of the SEM315.