Universal Input
Flex Top 2211 is a 4...20 mA loop-powered, configurable universal transmitter with galvanic isolation between input and output. The input can be configured for RTD or T/C sensors, resistance, current or voltage signals. Either 2, 3 or 4-wire connection can be selected for the resistance input. The built-in temperature sensor or a remote Pt100 sensor can be used to compensate for "cold junction" (CJC) if thermocouples are connected. Flex Top 2211 is embedded in silicone which makes it resistant to humid environments. The configuration can be established from the dedicated Flex Programmer configuring tool connected to a PC. Flex Top 2211 has a 6 mm centre hole for fast sensor replacement and spring loaded mounting screws which ensure a safe fastening even in vibrating environments. A built-in temperature surveillance system gives alarm if ambient temperature limits are exceeded.
The TT200 Series are our mid range transmitters for RTD, Slidewire, Thermocouple and Resistance sensors. They will convert the sensor input to provide a loop powered 4/20mA output signal. ATEX version are also available The TT200 Series have a calibration feature where the output can be matched to the sensor on the input. It can be matched at zero, or both zero and span ends of the range being measured. It is also possible to measure linear resistance up to 10K Ohms and slidewire sensors up to 100K Ohms. The software allows a user linearisation function to be downloaded into the product. This allows the user to adapt the output to suit a non linear tank for example.
The SEM210 is a universal programmable temperature transmitter which accepts most commonly used Pt100, thermocouple, mV and slide-wire sensors and generates an industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal. This type of product is useful if you use a number of different sensors; you only need to hold one product in stock. The output range and other operating parameters are easily programmed using our free software and USB powered configurator. Isolation is a standard feature to overcome any potential ground loop effects and a sensor referencing facility enables the transmitter to be calibrated to a particular sensor.
SEM710 - PC Programmable, with loop powered display, suitable for Pt100 and TC sensors