Counters & Timers
The temperature controller N1020 features advanced performance capability for the most complex and critical applications. Based on a high-end microprocessor and designed with a sophisticated auto-adaptive PID algorithm it continuously adjusts the PID parameters for best controlling performance. The programmable input, configurable dual output along with the full range power supply provide maximum flexibility in application. This 1/32 DIN size instrument has extremely small front dimensions of only 48x24 mm or 1/32nd DIN and is the right choice for controlling laboratory equipment when panel space is reduced.
6-Digit Electronic Counter 1/16 DIN - NC400-6 NC400-6 is an advanced 6-digit counter that also performs batch and totalizer counting operations. It has two outputs with independent and configurable presets that can be triggered based on counting, batch or totalization values. Its 2 outputs allow for an independent timed triggering. The counting inputs can be configured to connect dry-contact, voltage pulse, NPN or PNP sensors. Sensors may be powered by an internal power supply. Counting mode can be configured as progressive, regressive, quadrature, sum or subtraction. Several reset modes - automatic or manual - can be configured. Manual reset can be generated by a digital input or key from the front panel.
Programmable Timer NT240 With a 4 digit display, this timer offers a relay output to be switched at pre-programmed intervals according to eleven different timing functions. The LED display shows the running time and the digital inputs execute start, hold and reset funstions. Dimensions: 48x48mm x 100mm (1/16 DIN).