The temperature controller N1020 features advanced performance capability for the most complex and critical applications. Based on a high-end microprocessor and designed with a sophisticated auto-adaptive PID algorithm it continuously adjusts the PID parameters for best controlling performance. The programmable input, configurable dual output along with the full range power supply provide maximum flexibility in application. This 1/32 DIN size instrument has extremely small front dimensions of only 48x24 mm or 1/32nd DIN and is the right choice for controlling laboratory equipment when panel space is reduced.
The N320 is a temperature meter that provides you in the frontal display the measured temperature of the sensor connected to its terminals. The temperature sensors available are NTC Thermistor, Pt100, Pt1000 and J, K, T type thermocouple, with offset correction capability. The features of a particular model (input sensor type, sensor range, mains supply, etc) are identified by the label placed on the thermometer body.
Cooling and Heating Temperature Controller N321 The N321 temperature controller are used to measure, indicate and control temperature in many different systems. Accepts 4 sensors types: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC or Thermocouple J. The user can program the control action according to the application: direct action (refrigeration) or reverse action (heating). The internal 10 A relay can directly switch compressors or electrical heaters with ON/OFF control.
Differential temperature controller N321S The N321S is a controller intended for solar water heating applications. It controls the water circulation system based on the difference of temperature between the solar collector and the storage tank (or swimming pool). The instrument contains two NTC-type temperature sensors and a control output for activating the water circulation pump. It provides protections against overheating and freezing to the piping, preventing damages to the system.
2-Output Temperature Controller N322 Digital temperature controller for heating and refrigeration purposes with 2 independent set points. It has PT100, Pt1000, thermistor NTC, PTC or J thermocouples inputs available.