Handheld Sensors
Immersion probe for measuring in liquid and powdered materials with various diameters, lengths & materials available with handle. Tolerance Class Thermocouple Class 1, Pt100 Class 1/10, A, B.
This series temperature sensor has been engineered and designed to withstand the harshest of environments and allow for product core temperature measurement whilst the product is undergoing the cooking process. It consists of a Pt100 temperature sensor housed in a 316 L Stainless Steel probe, both the handle & the heavy duty flexible conduit are also stainless steel. It has a 6mm diameter stem with choice of probe length 100mm or 150mm. The probe is completely sealed from tip to tails preventing moisture or stem ingress into the sensor eliminating errors and breakdowns
Waste or Compost monitoring temeperature probe heavy duty T Stlye handle with PT100 & termination head.
Combination probe, Stainless steel, for temperature and humidity aluminium tube with handle, tip with sinter cover
Pressure dew point probe aluminium tube with handle, tip with sinter cover
Mini/Micro Air ..40 m/s Aluminiumtube, blue anodised
Micro Water ..5 m/s Aluminiumtube, blue anodised
Stainless steel sheath with a moulded handle and 1.50metres of coiled extension cable terminated in a miniature thermocouple plug.