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Designation Nominal Composition Maximum Temp
(cont. Serv. Air)
304SS 18% Chromium 900 C 1371 C-1454 C Offers excellent resistance to many corrosive agents encountered in domestic and industrial use.
310SS 25% Chromium 1148 C 1371 C-1454 C Good resistance to oxidation at temperatures up to 1148 C. Good resistance to thermal fatigue and cyclic heating.
316SS 17% Chromium
12% Nickel
2-3% Molybdenum
898 C 1371 C-1454 C Good resistance to a wider range of chemicals than 304SS. Withstands sulphurous acid compounds.
321SS Similar to 304SS but Steel stabilized by Titanium addition 871 C 1371 C-1426 C Not sensitive to inter-granular corrosion when heated within the carbide precipitation range of 482 C -815 C. Similar in corrosion resistance to 304SS.
347SS Similar to 304SS but contains Tantalum and is Steel stabilized by Colombium addition 871 C 1371 C-1426 C Excellent equivalent to 304SS for 426 C - 815 C range. Superior to 321SS where service is both corrosive and at an elevated temperature.
Similar to 304SS and 316SS but with reduced carbon 871 C 1371 C-1454 C Low carbon versions of 304SS and 316SS (maximum of 0.03% carbon). Because of low carbon content the effects of carbide precipitation are reduced.
20% Chromium
34% Nickel
2.5% Molybdenum
3.5% Copper
954 C 1426 C Superior grade with excellent resistance to corrosive conditions.
Inconel 600 76% Nickel
15.5% Chromium
1148 C 1354 C-1412 C Excellent material for severely corrosive environments. Resistant to oxidation at temperatures up to 1175 C.
Inconel 601 60.5% Nickel
23.0% Chromium
1.5% Aluminum
1148 C 1301 C-1367 C Similar to Inconel 600 however higher Chromium content gives superior resistance to oxidizing, carburizing and Sulphur containing environments.
Incoloy 800 32.5% Nickel
46% Iron
21% Chromium
1093 C 1357 C-1385 C Resistant to oxidation and carburization at elevated temperatures. It resists stress - corrosion cracking, Sulphur attack, internal oxidation, scaling and corrosion in a wide variety of industrial atmospheres.
Monel 400 66% Nickel
31% Copper
537 C 1343 C Highly resistant to corrosion by chlorinated solvents, glass etching agents, Sulphuric and many other acids, and practically all alkalies generally free from stress-corrosion cracking. Good resistant to salt water corrosion.
Hastelloy B 61% Nickel
28% Molybdenum
1204 C 1260 C-1354 C Good corrosion resistance to Hydrochloric, Sulphuric, Phosphoric, and Acetic acids. Excellent corrosion resistance to Hydrogen-Chloride gas.
Hastelloy C 54% Nickel
16% Molybdenum
15.5% Chromium
4% Tungsten
1204 C 1260 C-1354 C Good corrosion resistance to many chemical environments, including Ferric and Cupric Chlorides, contaminated mineral acids, wet Chlorine gas. Oxidation resistance to 990 C.
Hastelloy X 47% Nickel
9% Molybdenum
22% Chromium
0.5% Tungsten
1204 C 1260 C-1354 C Good high temperature strength and resistance to oxidation to 1204 C. Also good for reducing conditions.

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